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Keeping with Tradition: Circumcision and a Bris

This post isn’t about whether to circumcise my baby boy when he’s born because we’ve already decided to move forward with this. I’m now weighing my options on exact timing for this procedure. 

My husband is Jewish and I am not, however we are working to incorporate Jewish traditions into our family values and holidays. As such, it is part of Jewish tradition to perform a Bris, which is a Jewish religious male circumcision and naming ceremony that takes place on day eight after a child’s birth. The circumcision would be performed by a Mohel, a ritual circumciser.  This would take place in our home. A little more about what happens at a Bris here

Another option is to have the baby circumcised at the hospital after birth and then host a naming ceremony on the 8th day with a Rabi. We’re leaning towards this option. I think I’d just feel better about getting the circumcision out of the way and giving the baby some time to recover with me at the hospital.

We want to keep with tradition as best we can, but will feel better about having the circumcision performed at the hospital – although many argue that since Mohels do so many circumcisions, they are the experts.

To any Jewish parents - Did you do a traditional Bris? Would love to hear about your experience.