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My First Father's Day - A Look Back at My First Year at Being a Dad

Today's Daddy guest post comes from the author of Skip The Youth, a really fun daddy blog for those who love clever, self reflective, and self effacing humor. Toph and I became e-friends (we've never met IRL) when I was hosting my first show TeXtra. It has been fun to watch him become a parent at approximately the same time I did. He makes the whole thing look, well, realistic. His little man is lucky to have him. Take it away, Toph!

The fact that my first Father's Day is coming up completely blows me away. Now that I think about it, I Toph and his sondon't even know what day Father's Day is, and I'm not even exactly sure how a guy is supposed to celebrate Father's Day. Do I wait for the inevitable tie gift (I don't wear ties), do I let my family do the lawn (oh, we don't have a lawn), or do I just have a couple of beers and hangout with my family all day (that's not a bad idea)?

I usually use birthday's as a time for reflection, so perhaps I'll do the same for Father's Day. Yeah, let's do that. Let's reflect!

There were things I expected when my son was born: diaper changes, spit-ups and loads of cuteness. It was all the things I didn't expect that has made being a Dad so amazing.

I never expected to be hosed down with poop. Nope, not once did I think, "Man, when I'm a Dad, surely I'll be hosed down with poop more than 3 times."

I never expected to have lower back pain from picking up my son and carrying him. I'm young(ish), why would I have to worry about back pain?

I also can't say I'd ever feel so helpless when he gets sick, and I never thought I'd miss the Super Bowl because he was sick. Really, hospital who shall remain nameless? You played Nanny McPhee in the waiting room on Super Bowl Sunday?

Never thought I'd be so ridiculously overprotective, because why wouldn't you dress your baby like the kid from a Christmas Story when it's 60 degrees out?

But, most importantly, I never thought I'd be so overcome with love. It's the little things, you know.

You're all, or mostly, parents here, right? Then, you know what I mean. It's the way he lights up when I reach for Goodnight Moon at night, or how friggin' excited I got when he pulled himself up to standing for the first time. It's the way he giggles uncontrollably during peekaboo, or the way I giggle uncontrollably when he farts.

It's those little things that make being a Dad so amazing, which is what I'll celebrate on Father's Day. (Though, a tie might be nice...)

I really promised myself I wouldn't get mushy, yet here we are.

Happy Father's Day to all the new and old Dads… whenever Father's Day is.

About Toph
Toph Miller has started many failed blogs and projects, which is probably why it's a good thing he spends most of his time as a Sales Director at iSearch Media. Beyond making a living in Search Engine Marketing, spending time with his family and watching the World Champion Dallas Mavericks, Toph can be found writing about fatherhood on his blog, Skip the Youth (

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