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Cloth Diaper Hacks


After three years of cloth diapering, I’ve found that I can bend the “rules” with good results. I started cloth diapering with a service (pre-folds) and then switched to pockets. Now I use both, and sometimes even mix the two! Here are a few of the hacks that have made my life less complicated and my stash less expensive: Baby Z in cloth. Photo by Adriana Klas Photography. 

  • OsoCosy BetterFit prefolds: These prefolds don’t need to be folded lengthwise, which makes diapering quicker and less bulky. They also don’t require a Snappi clip—you can just close it up inside the cover and it stays put. I bought these for Baby Z’s newborn stage and they were wonderful! They fit him from the time I brought him home until he was about three months old.  
  • Using prefolds as inserts: Natali has been generous enough to loan me the dipes that Ava has outgrown for Baby Z. Because my boys tend to be heavy wetters, I sometimes need to add extra absorbency. I’ve found that tri-folding an OsoCosy prefold and using that as an insert works great as a nighttime solution (although it’s a bit bulky for day).
  • Using bigger prefolds to fit for longer: A few months back, chose me as their “Mom of the Month,” and sent me a great prize pack. Included was a package of Real Nappies, which are super soft pre-folds. The sizing was for 6+ months, but Z was three months old and we needed some more diapers in the rotation. I was able to use the bigger diapers by just folding them lengthwise an extra inch or two. This saved me from buying the in-between size and only made them a bit more bulky in the interim.
  • Using pocket shells for covers in a pinch: I love the Real Nappies, but they only came with three covers (Z has grown out of his Thirsties covers). Occasionally, I run out of covers and in desperation one day I realized that I could unstuff one of Nic’s medium FuzziBunz or Charlie Bananas and use it as a cover. Since Nic is only in nap and nighttime diapers, I have plenty of extra “covers” if I need them.

The moral is, be confident in your diapering! Mix and match to save yourself some trouble and some money.

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