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Cry Mommy

Today I took Baby Mo for a trial day at daycare. His teacher wanted me to bring him for an hour during story and activity time and stick around so he gets used to the idea. It went mostly well but I drove home in tears. This is going to be harder than I thought. 

Baby Mo loves other kids and always seems like he wants to play with them but doesn't quite know how. He hasn't had much exposure to other children and at 16 months old, I would really like him to learn some social skills.

We arrived during song and story time. He was fascinated but mostly quiet. He sat on my lap and murmered the answers to the questions that the caregiver was asking such as "What does the cow say?" He moo'd so quietly that only I could hear him but at least he was trying to participate. He really wanted to!  

When snack time came, he sat with the other kids and ate bananas, observing in silence. I sat not far away. I even walked across the room to get his Batman Thermos and he was fine with that. Then the caregivers asked me to leave the room for about 20 minutes. 

He cried. So I cried. He was able to calm down a little but it was his nap time so he was a bit overtaxed. I put him in his carseat, gave him some encouragement and milk, and headed home. I bawled in the driver's seat for the entire four blocks home. 

He starts officially tomorrow and I have to work so I am hoping that this will be successful. I know the first few days are supposed to be hard but I am not a big crier so my sobbing means it is harder than I had braced for. It's only a few days a week! How will I endure Kindergarten?? 

I know in my gut that I've chosen a great place. I know in my gut that this is good for him. I know in my gut that he will be fine and eventually love daycare. So why does this break my heart so much? 


MommyBeta Podcast Episode 14: Brave Mommies

In this week's podcast, we discuss the TODAY Show survey about working mothers. We also discuss being brave for our little ones and throwing in the towel on small personal tasks and grooming. 





My new boss

A working mother once told me this story:

When I was first married, my husband worked and I didn't. I asked him for $10 and he asked why. I said to myself, 'This is the last time anyone will ever ask me that question.'

I think of that story often when I think about being a working mother. As nice as it sounds to not work, contributing income to my family and having my own money is important to me. But now I am about to become a WAHM - or Work-At-Home-Mom, as the lingo goes. I'm nervous about it. 

This week is my last week of full-time employment at CBS Interactive. I've been looking forward to having this job in my rear-view mirror for a long time but now that the end is nigh, I am starting to feel a little anxious. 

How do other WAHMs do it? How do you prioritize your day so that you are able to feel successful and accomplished in both your personal and professional life? 

I have received an overwhelming amount of encouragement from colleagues, friends, and viewers. I'm so grateful for that. But of course the little demon on the left shoulder keeps haunting me. 

What if you become a cautionary tale? What if you don't get work and no one ever hears from you again? What if you become a bunny-slipper-wearing-hair-in-curlers-soap-opera-watching housewife asking Clayton for $10 so you can buy a latté and an éclair!?

And then I breathe. 

I know better than this. I am choosing the brave option by leaving my "cush job." I am leaving in pursuit of greener pastures. I believe that I can do meaningful work while still trying to be the best mom I can be. I am excited to set a good example in the choices I am making! I just have to keep telling myself that. 

I have a new agent and I am excited about the work that he is bringing my way. But in symbolically "sticking it to the man," I now work for two men: my husband Clayton and Baby Mo. So how do you do that and make this WAHM thing work? Tips! Please! Save me from the bunny slippers and curlers! 


Working Mom Humor From Tina Fey

This interview with Tina Fey really made me laugh, particularly the part about being seeing your baby in 3D and being a working mom. Enjoy!